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US-produced, 10-episode comedy series from 2022. By Payman Benz, starring Randall Park, Melissa Fumero, Tyler Alvarez, Madeleine Arthur and Olga Merediz. Plot: A diligent manager struggling with competition and his own complex feelings struggles to keep the last remaining Blockbuster open and keep his staff happy.

Crime series from 2022, produced in Mexico, 9 episodes. By Alejandro Ciancio, starring Fernando Colunga, Lisa Owen, Manuel Masalva, Luis Machin, Rafael Ferro. Plot: A seemingly perfect family kidnaps wealthy people for ransom to maintain their high standard of living and social status. From a true story. Not available in Italian.

Thriller series from 2022, produced in Germany and the USA, 8 episodes. By Baran bo Odar, starring Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Pietschmann. Plot: Some mysterious events alter the course of a migrant ship bound for New York in 1899, bringing the perplexed passengers face to face with a disorienting enigma.

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Background. On the night of the kiss at Hannah’s house, the latter continued to kiss Courtney even after Tyler’s stolen snapshot. This was not because she was bisexual, but to turn the disaster of Courtney’s first kiss (equivalent to hers with Justin in the park) into a memorable event by acting like a true friend.

The witnesses of the day are Andy and Olivia Baker. Hannah’s father accuses Liberty High of failing to provide his daughter with the safe environment that, given her issues, they had sought for her. Olivia chimes in again, blaming the institution for not informing them in a timely manner of their daughter’s anguish.

Background. Hannah discovers that her father is seeing another woman, forcing him to tell her mother immediately before she does. Hannah maintains the same relationship with Olivia as before, pretending that Andy’s betrayal did not happen.

On the witness stand are called Professor Bradley, the one who read Hannah’s anonymous message in the courtroom, and counselor Porter. The latter attempts to exonerate himself, claiming that he could not help her because she had not told him clearly about her problems.

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In less than ten minutes If Something Happens I Love You hits the viewer with a story told very simply and briefly, but it is no less effective for that. Very deservedly, it won an Oscar for Best Animated Short.

The wondrous adventures of Shrek, Donkey and Fiona are enriched, in the second chapter of the saga, with new places and characters that have literally become iconic in the collective imagination worldwide. How can we forget, for example, the dragoness who wins Donkey’s heart, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio, the Muffin Man and the arrogant and vain Prince Charming. Many popular fairy tales are in fact taken up and twisted within the saga, producing spectacular results. The cast of voice actors boasts such big names as those of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Vincent Cassel, Antonio Banderas, and Rupert Everett. Oscar for the first installment for best animated film.

Second feature film made with the stop-motion technique for Tim Burton, celebrated U.S. director and screenwriter. Loosely inspired by an old Jewish legend, John August’s screenplay tells the story of a young, very awkward groom. His arranged marriage, postponed because of his ignorance of the correct wedding formulas, takes a very strange turn. Once the wedding ring is slipped onto the trunk of a tree, it comes to life, revealing a young bride in the guise of a ghost. The haunted young man tries to escape her, but his fate seems to be crossed with that of the corpse bride.

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More than two years after the Spanish Mint robbery, Arturo makes a speech to a large crowd condemning the fugitive gang members who held him and others hostage at the Mint as “terrorists.”

Tokyo led the Nairobi operation and now demands military command of the team by proposing Palermo for technical command, but he threatens to blow up the operations room only to be appeased by Helsinki. Raquel is brought before Alicia for questioning. Tokyo tries to help the Professor psychologically and points out to him that Raquel may be alive since she only heard the shot and did not see the execution in person. The Professor and Marseille arrive in disguise outside the Bank to find out if Raquel is under interrogation in the police tent and during the night they break into an agent’s house to get more information. The terrified agent jumps out the window and plummets into the pool, cushioning his fall on the diving board.